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Voorhees Drain Cleaning

Bommer Plumbing has been providing commercial and residential drain cleaning in Voorhees for over 40 years. We offer 24/7 round the clock emergency service and our customers can take comfort in knowing their call is always routed to a live representative. Our highly trained technicians are equipped with advanced equipment to provide top notch service to our Voorhees customers.

Common Problems – Drain Cleaning can Help!

Broken Drain Pipes: Drain pipes can collapse due to age, tree roots, extreme temperature changes, material of pipe and/or soil conditions. Sewer Clogs: Extreme weather and heavy rainfall sometimes bring along unwanted debris such as: trash, leaves, twigs and/or dirt causing your line to clog. Block Drains from Foreign Objects & Debris: Whether it be intentionally or unintentionally, sometimes foreign objects are dropped down the drain. Children’s toys, sanitary items, stringy foods, baby wipes and cooking grease are just a few items you should keep far away from your plumbing drains.

A few of our Drain Cleaning Services

  • Jetting: This is a high pressure drain cleaning method used for large stubborn drain blockages.
  • Drain Snake Machine: This is a highly effective machine used to remove difficult clogs that cannot be loosened by a plunger.
  • Sewer Line Camera Inspection: A video inspection allows us to pinpoint the exact location of a clog or breakage in a sewer line.
  • Sewer Line Repair/Replacement: A belly or break in a sewer line can be caused by soil erosion, foundation settlement, or by human error such as poor soil compression or poor installation. If a repair is all that is warranted, that is what we’ll recommend. Beware of companies that insist on entire replacements without laying out options. If a repair is not possible and a replacement is needed you can trust us to provide you with the best options and a detailed description of the work being performed. Clogged drains are not only a nuisance, but can sometimes be too challenging for even our most advanced DIY’ers. If this is the case call Bommer Plumbing and Drain Cleaning and allow us to handle the headache for you! Take a look at a few reviews from your neighbors in Voorhees Township:

“They were excellent!” – Ed B

“Reliable family owned and operated business that is on call 24/7! The service men and women really care about doing a good job!” – Cynthia T.

“I’m a homeowner who has been a customer of Bommer Plumbing for over 20 years. No matter the job, large or small, routine maintenance to rerouting water lines, I have always been satisfied with their work. Professional, prompt, neat and reasonable; you won’t be disappointed with this team.” – Sharon M.

If your Voorhees drain needs special attention, our drain cleaning experts will be there when you need them. Call us at 856-783-6721. We want to be YOUR Drain Cleaner.