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Having an out-of-date or run-down bathroom can be a major turn off for you and or your guests, or at worst, downright embarrassing. Don’t settle any longer for a bathroom you don’t love. Give Bommer Plumbing and Drain Cleaning a call!

We’re bathroom remodeling, plumbing, and drain cleaning experts who truly care about the work we do for our customers. From fixing leaky faucets to complete bathroom overhauls, we can tackle projects of any size with ease. Plus, we’ll be by your side for every step of the process, from design to finishing touches, to make sure the final product is one that you love.

Common Plumbing Repairs Needed in Bathrooms 

Clogged Toilet or Shower Drain: The protocol for plumbing repairs for clogged toilets and shower drains is similar. The biggest difference is that with a clogged toilet, you can use a plunger before you snake the drain to try and unclog the drainpipe. A shower drain will require the drain to be snaked because there is something that has built up enough in your drain to require it to be removed.  

Running Toilet: Having a running toilet is one of the most annoying issues, but it is easy to fix. This plumbing repair job may be able to be done without the help of a professional if you can go out and get some supplies. The cause of the running toilet is a faulty valve. The faulty valve could be a flappy or fill valve, so you can either try both or try and figure out which one is faulty before you buy the parts.  

Slow Draining Sink: Bathroom sinks can be clogged because there is an obstruction further down the pipeline or there is too much hair trapped in the drain and wrapped around the sink stopper. Either way, you can investigate a bit by removing the drain stopper and peeking down the drain. If you do not see anything, contact our plumbing repair team and we can come to help you figure out the issue and fix it.  

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At Bommer Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, we strive to be the first and only plumbing company you think of when you need work done. From kitchen & bathroom remodels to leak repairs and water heater replacements, we have an array of services that are always affordable and come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re ready to get started on your next project, get in touch with us today and we’ll show you the Bommer difference!

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